Back to Black

The Thrilling Sequel to Fade to Black

A new threat awakens deep under London and The Game is on again....

Young Detective Chief Inspector Allie St Clair has been through the wringer. Her life has been up-ended and she is exhausted after investigating a series of brutal murders in London and at mystical Glastonbury Tor.

She has confronted bone fide evil and has had to accept that she and her family are connected to a world few can imagine. But now an ancient God is renewed and he has powerful, utterly ruthless friends.

Allie is thrown into conflict with her new Commander at New Scotland Yard as she battles desperately to save twelve young girls who have been kidnapped. They are imprisoned somewhere under London and DCI Allie St Clair, daughter of a famous Professor of Celtic history, is their only chance.

If she fails, they die and a new Order will reign. Welcome back to The Game, Allie St Clair...

Available exclusively from the Amazon Bookstore for Kindle (and any of the free Kindle Reader Apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS).

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